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Digital Construction Week (DCW) – BIM Village Theatre, Day 2

By 11/18/2016 No Comments

After following day 1 of Digital Construction Week “digitally” via Twitter I knew I had a lot to match up to hosting the BIM Village stage on the second day. From various photos, comments and debates on social media following the first day it was clear that representatives from across the UK construction industry were out in force and that the BIM Village stage hosted by John Eynon was one of the key focus points of the day. Clearly day 2 was going to be just as busy and the pressure would be on to continue the great work done by all of the speakers the day before…

Thursday 27th October meant an early start to get the train up to London arriving in time to have a quick catch-up and briefing session with Pam Bhandal (BIM Regions Marketing/PR rep and backbone to the BIM Village stage) before the masses arrived eagerly looking forward to our packed agenda on all things BIM.

The day kicked off promptly at 10am with a presentation and discussion about “Open BIM, Data & Standards” from two industry experts who then answered all of the crowds questions from IFC to COBie and everything in between. A quick round of applause and the first session came to a successful ending, amazingly we had managed to cover a huge (and sometimes contentious) topic and answer questions and still finish the session on time after just 30minutes! How did we manage to cover so much in so little time? I still don’t know but clearly timing was going to be the key to the day with a jam packed agenda covering a huge variety of BIM related topics all delivered within 30 minute windows. Given the range of excellent industry experts speaking throughout the day and the topics that they had volunteered to cover we could easily of handed over the stage to each one of them for several hours.

I won’t delve into the details of each speaker and their chosen subject as this blog piece would end up covering several pages and as I sit here typing this on a long dark evening train journey across the UK I would probably miss my stop. Instead I would however like to once again thank all of the speakers who freely volunteered their time to make the BIM Village stage such a success and promote the good work of the BIM Regions group to every person who was lucky enough to attend this year’s DCW. Without these fantastic speakers my job as stage chairman would’ve been a lot harder!


One session and speaker I would like to briefly highlight however is the “Women in BIM” session presented on behalf of the Women in BIM group by Cristina Savian. For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of the Women in BIM initiative please go and look them up and follow the great work they are doing. It’s easy to focus ourselves on the job at hand whether that involves changing to follow new BIM processes or using modern digital ways of working, but we often forget that to make a real difference sometimes we need to challenge the culture and ethos of the industry we are trying to transform. Women in BIM are asking those questions and challenging our industry.

Lastly I hope that anyone who managed to make it along to the BIM Village stage got something out of it and is inspired to continue following and supporting the BIM Regions throughout the year ( for more info!).

Hope to see you all at an event soon.

Mike Turpin, South BIM Region