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Industry Ambassadors Letter of Commitment

BIM4Education has launched a project to improve the level of teaching in the Built Environment.

This project aims to improve the knowledge and capacity of school teachers and Post 16 tutors in built environment subjects and Building Information Modelling (BIM). It is a teacher centric education project to improve the level of teaching in the Built Environment sector.

BIM4Education is promoting strategies to encourage improved alignment of employers, educational professionals and learners who will work together to increase the appeal of working in Construction.

The Construction Strategy 2025 and Infrastructure Skills Strategy contain recommendations for both Government and Industry to act on, outlining the skills needed to deliver a 21st century workforce for the built environment sector. The Construction Strategy cites “engagement with the public must begin at a young age (from 11-12 before G.C.S.E curriculum choices are made) and then be consistently applied right through to further and higher education level”.

The essential need to influence and inform young people about the rewards offered by a career in Construction can only take place if key influencers such as teachers are well informed, knowledgeable, well trained and familiar with contemporary Industry based developments and practice. This targets the upskilling and increased awareness of Teachers as the key strategy to positively influence the mind set of our young people.

Project Outcomes
1. To improve the skills, knowledge and capacity of teachers.
This will support secondary schools and post 16 training providers to adopt BIM and so, raise awareness amongst Learners of professions other than the traditional construction trades. The initiative will offer comprehensive professional development opportunities for Built Environment teachers. Higher Educational establishments will be commissioned to design the bespoke training programmes.

2. Engage young Learners and develop BIM based competencies in order to increase the appeal of careers in the Built Environment.
Using ICT and BIM software to engage and stimulate Learners and sign post them to progression routes in a full range of construction pathways. Outreach programmes will be organised to increase young peoples’ awareness of the current context in the Built Environment Industry.

3. Develop enhanced School-Employer partnerships.
Facilitating improved partnerships to provide mutual support and understanding between school and construction businesses. Industry Ambassadors will work in school contexts to improve knowledge and understanding of contemporary Built Environment practice.

In summary, this initiative will deliver a raft of activities to offer a truly inspiring Learning opportunity for teachers and learners that will bring life to the world of Built Environment programmes of study. We will harness the efficacy of Design, Engineer, Construct! (DEC) and BIM accreditation to raise aspirations and broaden the progression routes available to Construction students of all levels of ability. A ‘step change’ is required to develop their potential and break the common perception that construction is unskilled, unimaginative and low in status. BIM4 Education will be the catalyst to bring about a new ‘mind set’ to increase the appeal and perception of working in the Construction Industry.

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