The complete digital construction solution from GroupBC

We put you in control and ensure your projects deliver value across the whole lifecycle providing a single source of truth for digital assets.

GroupBC - design build operate


Deliver improvements and efficiencies in project delivery
by ensuring best practice, collaboration and sharing of information

Improve standardisation of design and reduce costs
with BIM Object Library

Get end users involved at the earliest stage
to check design meets their needs

Clash detection in the Cloud ensures mistakes are spotted
before construction begins

Check feasibility before construction
by visualising the design in its surrounding environment


Enable better decision making
with Top Level visibility across multiple projects

Track and report on delivery of multiple projects
across large programme from start to finish

Early contractor & supply chain engagement

provide access to model and design

Clearly communicate and track progress and EIR deliverables
with simple and clear RAG status


Provides a single Asset Information Management (AIM) system
by collating multiple programme information

Develop a digital representation of the built asset
by storing and linking to related documents, drawings and data

A full interactive user manual is ready
to handover to customers

Ensure that the whole supply chain works from one platform
from the start reducing maintenance and operating costs

BC Enterprise Platform

Our BC Enterprise platform offers a powerful BIM solution for organisations or projects of any size.  The core CDE fully integrates with our various modules, including BIM, process management and e-tendering to create a complete solution from the very start, ensuring your project demonstrates BS1192 compliance, you can easily track project milestones and deliverables are being met and offer best value. We can also link to external open data such as that from Ordnance Survey, the Police or Environment Agency, to create a complete picture of the surrounding environment and how it will effect the project. Learn More >

BC QuickStart

Our BC QuickStart solution has been specifically designed to help SMEs adopt the standard practices of Building Information Modelling (BIM), ensuring the benefits are attainable for the whole industry and not just those at the top of the chain. It’s our Common Data Environment (CDE) in the cloud which offers the benefits of BIM to small project teams. Pre-configured and templated, it will improve the way you work and help you align to BIM standards. Learn More >

BC Professional Services

No two businesses are ever the same.  We recognised this from the beginning and ensured that our solutions team is agile and ready to deliver modules that work for you. Our Professional Services team can help you configure your system, train your users, develop bespoke modules tailored to your business processes and support you every step of the way. Our BC platform is UK hosted, ensuring your data is completely private and secure. Learn More >

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