Our vision for the Regions is way beyond BIM. It is for a world-class industry, digitally enabled, with UK PLC taking a leading position in the global information economy.

What will / could this be like?

Respected, valued, something to aspire to, great careers and opportunities, inclusive and diverse, sustainable in every sense of the word.
A diverse digital industry provides opportunities for all, and enables people to have flexible work and lifestyle patterns, that enable them to fulfill their potential, and complete their life and family commitments too. Remote working, and virtual environments, complete with mobile access to BIM data makes all this possible and more. What needs to change is our approach to working practices and culture.

Are we really ready to collaborate?

Working towards a common goal and objectives, but with none of the traditional barriers that are holding us back. So that we can contribute with all our ingenuity and skill, as true human beings, using all of our humanity to make life and work better for all.

Equality and diversity, true respect and appreciation are part of this mix. The Regions need to take a thought leadership position on what the industry should be like. That includes collaboration, communication, innovation and integration, but it also must include sustainability, safety, respect and….diversity/inclusion.

Constructing Equality are our diversity partner, branded with our other partners, with access to our network, opportunities to speak at our meetings across the whole UK, and articles/press releases to follow.

BIM Regions Diversity

Our Vision

  • Our approach to equality is more than just adhering to legislation or a ‘nice to have’. Instead it is a vital part of ensuring that our industry is innovative, effective and inspirational
  • We believe that the closer we move towards an inclusive and diverse workforce the nearer we are to a collective and inclusive culture; and it is these cultures that will allow us to achieve our ambitions for the sector
    We see equality as a tool for improvement, not a problem to overcome which is why we are taking a bold stance by using positive action to ensure diverse representation at all levels of our network
  • We believe that we have a responsibility within our work to design for everyone, not just a dominant group and that means we need to appeal to everyone
  • We know that we can’t assume work done in the name of equality will be “good”, which is why we are measuring our work on a number of levels to ensure positive impact
  • Quality of work is paramount but if the people coming through do not offer a representation that reflects society we need to assess why that is and open up avenues for the best talent to be able to make their way, no matter who they are or where they are from
  • In making this stand, we know we won’t get it right first time, and we think that is ok as long as we are willing to learn – which we are
  • Our industry diversity partners Constructing Equality Limited are helping us out where they can but we would welcome you to help us too

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Find out more about the Regions and how you can help us shape a more diverse, inclusive and rewarding industry.

SARAH ROCK – Inclusion/Diversity Champ
sarah.rock@hsf.com @sarahrocklaw

PAM BHANDAL – Media/Press Champ
pam@pambhandal.com @pambhandal