Level 3 BIM requires collaborative working to get results. The culture change from an adversarial to collaborative way of working is the aim of this group.
Our scope is the human interaction with BIM tools and the relationships between people. Collaboration is just not a tool but a set of interactions based around a tool. The end result of successful collaboration is an innovative result that could not have been achieved by the individuals within the group.

PURPOSE: To facilitate collaborative working relationships within the UK construction sector in order to increase BIM level 3 adoption with the resultant benefits identified including innovation in construction.

1) Specify and publicise what Collaboration is and how to develop it
2) Engage industry in defining and developing collaborative relationships
3) Provide guidance to appropriate industry bodies and institutions
4) Promote case studies, which demonstrate best practice
5) Provide leadership in the development of collaborative capabilities
5) Work with industry to develop capabilities within professionals
6) Work with higher education to develop capabilities within future generation of industry professionals
7) Share knowledge and learning between its members


Chair Elizabeth Kavanagh

Vice Chair Paul Fox