In order to secure the future of the BIM Regions network so that we can continue to serve the industry on its ‘ journey to digital transformation, we have made a number of decisions to take us forward.

Inevitably this involves some serious thought around commercial issues.

Contrary to public belief that is out there, we are a volunteer organisation.

We have at no time received any funding from Government, the BIM Task Group, BIS, or the CIC or any other central or public agency.

The events that we have produced over the last 5 years have been made possible by sheer enthusiasm, goodwill, freebies and a little local sponsorship from time to time.

Clearly something has to change, if we are to raise the game and transform our industry.

Our website has been made possible by our first national sponsors, Rapid5D, Autodesk and Cadassist. And let’s put our thanks on record for their kindness and generosity in enabling us to do this. Thank you!

Going forward we have set up BIM Regions UK CIC to transact financially and legally for the Regions

The company has been set up as a Community Interest Company – as it is constituted legally this means that it is not possible for the directors to derive any financial benefit, gain or income from the company.
The company is purely for the good, benefit and support of the network and transformation of our industry to digital ways of working.
This is the legal set up of the company and it cannot work any other way.
It is our intention to obtain further sponsorship and funding to support and grow the network, and increase awareness of BIM across the industry.

Currently the Directors are:
– John Eynon
– Pam Bhandal
– Brent Rees
– Steve Race
Non-Executive Directors are:
– Mike Turpin
– Sarah Rock
– Jill Guthrie
– Helen Thompson

Our accountants are Green Accountancy.

Returns and accounts are filed with Companies House in the normal way.
Our accounts and financial matters are entirely transparent.
If you require further details or clarification please use the contact details and we will be happy to answer your queries.

We have many sponsorship ideas and opportunities coming up. If you want to work with us then just get in touch anytime.