New technology is transforming the way AEC projects are designed, engineered, built and managed — and it’s delivering increased productivity and greater ROI for organisations of all sizes. BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that equips AEC professionals with the insight and tools to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure more efficiently.

  • Designers:

    coordinate multiple work streams; explore and evaluate the fullest range of design options; use information-rich visualizations to engage with non-technical stakeholders and owners

  • Engineers:

    facilitate continuous analysis of evolving designs; prioritise key criteria to optimise designs; use simulations to gain intelligent feedback on ‘real-world’ building performance

  • Contractors:

    benefit from precision off-site manufacturing; rehearse complex construction processes; reduce waste, eliminate errors and increase safety

  • Owner/Operators:

    enable faster, better-informed project and asset decisions through continuous sharing of unified data; increase coordination and save time and money

6 things to get you started on your BIM journey

BIM Level 2 can be summarised by six key points. Project Teams need to start at Point 1 and finish at Point 6:

Autodesk BIM Process
You must address all 6 key points to be BIM Level 2 compliant. The challenge many Project Teams face is that they start at Point 4 with Generating the Information and hope that a Collaboration or Project Management Solution can help them meet the UK Level 2 requirements.

Customer Success Stories

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Hill embraces BIM to boost productivity and reduce waste.

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Balfour Beatty uses Autodesk BIM 360 to transform London’s former Olympic Stadium into a new world-class venue.

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Harnessing BIM to be competitive

WYG, a project management and technical consultancy, is embracing BIM to win industry awards and beat the competition.

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The future of data centre design

Cundall implements a ‘BIM first’ strategy to deliver innovation in data centre design.

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Discover more about Autodesk and BIM

Whether you’re designing sustainable houses or reimagining the infrastructure of entire cities, BIM will have a significant impact on the way you work. We have collated a series of free papers, reports, videos and more to help you understand the business benefits of BIM whatever your role in the AEC industry.


Era of connection

The means of production and nature of demand are being revolutionized. From AEC trends to industry-specific insights, this invaluable resource reveals how major changes are affecting the AEC industry.

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Designing success with BIM

Improve planning, design, construction and facility management with BIM. This collection of papers and case studies will help you learn more and show you how to get started with your own pilot project.

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BIM usage within construction is on the rise

BIM and its processes are transforming the construction industry; improving efficiency, performance and sustainability while reducing cost and waste. Explore these reports, webinars and infographics to learn more.

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BIM for Infrastructure

How to succeed like the top UK civil engineering firms with BIM.

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What is BIM Level 2?

BIM LEVEL 2 is now a requirement for all government construction projects, and it’s your responsibility to demonstrate that you are BIM Level 2-ready. Find out how.

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