The BIM Regions (Regional Hubs) were set up in partnership with the Construction Industry Council and the BIM Task Group in 2012 to support the UK BIM programme.

Whilst UK BIM Level 2 has been on the industry agenda for some time, there is still a huge amount of work to do. Particularly raising BIM awareness and promoting education across all sectors and all stakeholders. This is to enable everyone to work effectively using digital information and tools, in the design, manufacture, construction and operation of built assets.

As part of our strategy we are actively reaching out across industry to engage with partners and collaborators to help drive the BIM agenda forward. We recognise that the BIM4Communities groups are a key element in this and we will be working closely with them over the coming months.

The purpose of the Regions is to provide regional and local networks where anyone can get help and guidance about what BIM is, what Level 2 means and where to begin. Our regional groups provide a safe place where you can ask the “stupid” questions (there aren’t any!) and rub shoulders with people facing just the same challenges as you. We provide independent and impartial advice, education and awareness, occasional events, and mutual networking support.

The Regions also provide a conduit for disseminating best practice on BIM, and providing feedback to the BIM Task Group and the 2016 legacy delivery team. The BIM Regions bridge all the traditional industry silos, linking stakeholders across all roles and all stages of the asset lifecycle, providing a platform for true collaboration. The BIM Regions receive no government, central or BIM Task Group funding or support.

The BIM Regions have launched a collaboration initiative with Digital Construction Week,
In conclusion, our vision is for a digitally enabled world-class UK AECO industry that takes a leading place in the global information economy. If you share this vision and want to work with us then just get in touch.

Our intent is to achieve critical mass for BIM adoption in the UK, reaching out across our industry and beyond.

To ensure that this digital revolution is both inevitable and takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible benefitting everyone in the process. To find your local BIM Region group, check out here:  link to contacts
Digital Construction Week

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